Nintendo NX will be a Handheld Console

Rumors about the Nintendo NX have been floating around for a while now we have some more solid information. According to Eurogamer, the next Nintendo console will be a handheld device. Like many reports have stated in the past, the handheld will have it’s own display with┬ácontrollers that disconnect from the device. There will also be a dock that connects to the user’s television when the console is in use at home. With this being a mobile device, it will use a mobile chip. If you are an Android user, I am sure you have heard of the Nvidia Tegra. The Nintendo NX will also be a cartridge based system. Now that we know it is a handheld system, this is not very surprising to me.

I wonder how different this machine will be from the current 3DS systems. I also wonder if the dock will give the system more horse power much like the Microsoft Surface Book. I am definitely intrigued about the Nintendo NX. I am not sure how likely I am to buy it yet.

Source: Eurogamer



Alena Alambeigi

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