CES 2017: Humavox Wireless Charging

At CES 2017, I saw the true potential of wireless charging. The company Humavox has created a technology called ETERNA. This technology allows wireless charging to be implemented into various surfaces and objects. This way, charging wireleslly fits naturally into the daily life of the user. The power is transferred through radio freqeuncies and this is converted into DC energy. Thunderlink(TM) is the technology that is used as the receiver of energy. Nest(TM) is the power transmitter that converts the energy received from Thunderlink and creates the charging process. Now initially this all didn’t make much sense until we took a look around the booth. We saw many sets of headphones laying around the booth on different surfaces. They showed us how things could be charge just by placing them in a bowl or a jar. Everything really clicked when they pulled a PS4 controller out of a drawer and placed in on the table and it immediately started charging. That’s when everyone knew that this was legit. The crowd literally went crazy. The technology is so small and can be implemented in almost any electronic device. I can’t wait to see the future of wireless charging. Check out the Humavox site for more information.

Alena Alambeigi

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