Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Revealed

The latest Call of Duty game has been officially announced in the form of Infinite Warfare. Infinite Warfare comes our way from developer Infinity Ward, and will be the first Call of Duty to see through a three-year development cycle.

Infinity Ward has high ambitions for the story element of their new game. They described their un-traditional narrative by ┬áhaving “human conflict under extreme pressure unpacks character personalities, character depth, and story in a manner that few games have explored.” Additionally Infinite Warfare becomes the first Call of Duty game to take place outside of Earth, reaching our solar-system as a new way to experience warfare.

While multiplayer and a new zombie mode have been announced, details regarding them will surface at a later date. It should be noted however that PS4 owners will receive DLC maps 30 days earlier then other consoles.

Very exciting details about a “Legacy Edition” of the game will include a remasted version of Inifity Ward’s classic Modern Warfare. The remastered version of Modern Warfare will include the full campaign and 10 fan-favorite maps remastered for the PS4.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare arrives 11-4-2016, check out the reveal trailer below:


Alec Henderson

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