An Important Thing to Remember About This Week

The indoctrination of our nation through media is an aged custom, but it’s been a long while since times have been as divisive as they have been the last several days. Most of our societies thought leaders, role models, and public figures have mishandled these events with insidious knee-jerk reactions, prompting folks to choose a side, during a time where banding together is of the most importance.

#BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter That’s how it’s being framed. A movement fighting for equal treatment from our justice system versus an obvious truth that we all are aware of? Social media is brimming with people falling out over which is more important. This is, well… STUPID. Of course all lives matter! Everyone deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life. And yes, black lives matter too! That’s why we need to find a way to fix the justice system from being pitted against black people (and other people of color). These are two ideals that any decent human being supports, but the spin artist and careless public figures are using these two simple ideologies to create chaos.

#AllLivesMatter is being used as a tool to dismiss #BlackLivesMatter and vice versa, when in all actuality, these two values go hand and hand. If you want all lives to matter, you have to want black lives to matter as well. We’ve allowed the media and the fuming hatred that hovers throughout this great country to reduce a very good belief into a race war, and it’s time for us to WAKE UP and regroup NOW.

When it comes to this week, everyone’s reaction has been justified and warranted. I believe that none of us want to see lives lost over senseless racial tension, hence the rage and passion we’ve seen from so many. Regardless of what “side” you’re on, we all can agree that none of these men this week deserved to die. That sentiment alone should serve as the foundation for us to come together and put an end to this hatred.

My brothers and sisters, I ask that you do not buy into this divisive, bullshit ass, race-bait dispute that has been amplified over the last few of days. As we’ve seen, the more we try to push these agendas–which aren’t necessarily even our OWN agendas–the more violence, sadness, and unrest that we, as a collective, will foster. We are better than that. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS. We don’t need the media or any of these public figures to guide us, because deep down, we know what we want. Justice and Peace.

Keep in mind that for every black person that has died unjustly at the hands of the police and every innocent cop that has been murdered over racial tension– their deaths will be in vain if we do not put aside our differences, and work collectively to find a better solution. A few bad apples are never a good reason for cutting down the tree, especially when we need that tree to breathe.

Please stay safe, stay positive and stay strong everyone.

Malik Forté
Professional Nobody, Occasional Trash Talker

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