I don’t know what it is about newsroom bloopers that I find so amusing. Perhaps it’s the fact that there’s this very unauthentic vibe of publicizing events that you get during a news broadcast. It’s so obvious, and it makes me wonder why people take the news so seriously. Especially considering how most of the […]

It’s a wrap for 2013 and a fresh new year is about to be granted to us all come midnight tonight. I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about my shortcomings and upcomings over the year, as well as just thank everyone for the continued support. We have a lot of big things in […]

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages (I hope not children of all ages…), I introduce you to the twerk champion of the world. Yo Miley, you might want to take notes from this girl. She’s got that whole this thing you do down to a science!   No really though guys, […]

If you cats do not know who Madlib is, lets just say I would not be a fan of your musical tastes.  For those of you that are enlightened (musically at least), I came across this video of Madlib in Paris, France to do a surprise Beat Konducta show (crazy how great artists seem to […]

The California sun sets through the large crystal clear window pane of a Hollywood high rise. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Even more rewarding given the fact that the food is cooked, yours truly at the helm. A moment of true serenity. My mind begins to click on every past dilemma, doubt and […]

I struggled for a while with my self confidence. A lot of people have messaged me about this very thing, so I made this video. I hope these little tips help you guys with your self confidence as much as they helped me. WEAR YOUR CROWN WITH PRIDE! Curious to know what sent me into […]

We love Kanye and appreciate his passion. Same goes for Arsenio Hall, whose recently been roaring back up the charts as one of the top voices in the talk show business. After being questioned about comments Kanye made on the Breakfast Club about him, Mr. Hall responded with this bit of knowledge.

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