• Nintendo NX will be a Handheld Console

    Nintendo NX will be a Handheld Console

    Rumors about the Nintendo NX have been floating around for a while now we have some more solid information. According to Eurogamer, the next Nintendo console will be a handheld device. Like many reports have stated in the past, the handheld will have it's own display with controllers that disconnect from the device. There will also be a dock that connects to the user's television when the console is in use at home. With this being a mobile device, it will use a mobile chip. If you are an Android user, I am sure you have heard of the Nvidia Tegra. The Nintendo NX will also be a cartridge based system. Now that we know it is a handheld system, this is not very surprising to me. I wonder how different this machine will be from the current 3DS systems. I also wonder if the dock will give the system more horse power much like the Microsoft Surface Book. I am definitely intrigued about the Nintendo NX. I am not sure how likely I am to buy it yet. Source: Eurogamer    
  • Ben Heck Dismantles the Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

    Ben Heck Dismantles the Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

    If you are not familiar with Ben Heck, he takes things apart and makes cooler things. You can find hundreds of videos on his channel of him taking apart various types of electronics and exploring their insides. In this episode, he takes apart the Nintendo PlayStation prototype and attempts to get it working again. Some may cringe at the fact that he is taking apart such a rare part of gaming history but the guy knows his way around electronics. It's not crazy to say that the guy is an engineering genius. Check out the process below. The Disassembly [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug-CyGXMabg[/embed] The Repair [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh91IO9cV48[/embed]  

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    James “KentaroPJJ” Valle

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    Dom “DomTron” Guerrera

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    Barry “Bovice47” McDuffie

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    Rafiq “Trackboss” Shelton

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