• PAX West 2016 Cosplay

    PAX West 2016 Cosplay

    Here are just a few of the cosplayers that we saw while at PAX West this year. [gallery ids="858,866,867,865,864,863,862,861,860,859"]
  • PAX West 2016 – Game Face

    We had the chance to get our hands on lot of games at PAX West 2016 this year. This time we were playing the upcoming Ubisoft game, 'For Honor'. It's a team competitive game where you play as various types of worriors from various time periods. Sometimes I like to record my friends playing games.  Now what happens with that footage is up to the universe to decide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFvRnhJC1ZI        

  • James “KentaroPJJ” Valle

    James “KentaroPJJ” Valle

  • Dom “DomTron” Guerrera

    Dom “DomTron” Guerrera

  • Barry “Bovice47” McDuffie

    Barry “Bovice47” McDuffie

  • Malik “4Play” Forte

    Malik “4Play” Forte

  • Raphael “PolarMethod” Velasquez

    Raphael “PolarMethod” Velasquez

  • ChezRey “SunnyKnight” Richardson

    ChezRey “SunnyKnight” Richardson

  • Rafiq “Trackboss” Shelton

    Rafiq “Trackboss” Shelton

  • Alena “thatOnegirl” Alambeigi

    Alena “thatOnegirl” Alambeigi